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Pharmaceutical Medicine






Ulrike Hauf-Zachariou is a Pharmaceutical Physician having worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for more than 20 years with ample experience in designing and reviewing study protocols phase III and IV, including non-interventional studies. She has closely cooperated with Medical Marketing Departments giving input to global medical strategies and has been intensely involved in the therapeutic areas of infectious diseases/virology and cardiovascular disorders.


1989 – 1991

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine

University of Wales, Cardiff, UK


1978 – 1985

Graduation as doctor of medicine

University of Heidelberg, Germany


Previous positions   

since 1999

Medical Consultant

IST GmbH,  Mannheim, Germany


1989 – 1999

Medical Advisor clinical research

Boehringer Mannheim, Germany


1986 – 1989

Assistant Physician Internal Medicine and General Practice

Hospitals in Schwetzingen and Heidelberg, Germany


since 1993

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal Colleges of Physicians



since 1991

British Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians



since 1995

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Medizin